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We Compare Phone Carriers in the USA So You Don’t Have To

Comparing Phone Carriers in the USA | SimCorner So, you’re planning a trip to The States? You’ve got your flights booked, your accommodation sorted, and your ESTA forms filled out. Now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to stay connected during your time overseas. You’re probably aware that the best option is to get yourself a trusty prepaid SIM card for the USA that you can just pop in your phone and reap all the benefits of a prepaid phone plan as soon as your plane touches down. However, there are plenty of providers to choose from! Just like you will have experienced with finding a cell phone provider at home, not all networks are made equal in...

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How to hack Long Term Travelling Like A Pro

Long term travelling involves a lot of planning and preparation. If you’re considering long-term travel, you should already know that it’s more than just going on holiday. It’s about ingraining yourself in another culture, living a new life for a period of time, and experiencing life-changing moments along the way. Experienced long-term travellers know the ins and outs, back to front. In this blog, we share a few hacks from those who have been through it that might help you prepare better for your travel. Read on!   Make new friends When travelling long-term, you can get pretty sick of visiting tourist destinations or hanging out at backpackers. The entire idea of long-term travelling is to get ingrained in the...

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