NZ (New Zealand) SIM Cards

When travelling internationally, there are many unknowns to prepare for. Mobile coverage can be an issue of safety, and should be treated as a priority when you travel. While some mobile phones have the ability to work in other countries, the roaming charges for this option are outrageous, and coverage maybe spotty at best. SIMCorner specialises in meeting the communication needs of international travellers. We are partnered with many of the world's largest mobile telecommunication providers to ensure that our customers have the best coverage for their mobile phone and data needs when they travel internationally.

We offer country specific international prepaid SIM cards that come loaded and ready to go before you ever get onto the plane. Travellers can easily purchase these cards through our online store. These cards are easily installed and will allow you to use your normal mobile phone while you travel, without any roaming fees or downtime. You can start using the SIM card as soon as you land in your travel destination. Most SIM cards come preloaded with data, allowing you to access Google Maps as soon as you land.

SIMCorner Conveniently Home Delivers

SIMCorner allows travellers to obtain their prepaid travel SIM cards in Australia. We dispatch orders either the same day they are placed, or the next business day, straight from our Melbourne warehouse. We can deliver Australia wide, and also offer delivery to international locations. For more information, you can visit our Shipping page or fill out a form on the Contact Us page.

Purchasing the SIM cards in Australia before travel saves travellers the most money. Using an international SIM card during international travel can save you at least 85% on mobile fees, compared to using your everyday Australian SIM Card. At SIMCorner, our prices are lower than our competitors', and much lower than prices in other countries. Purchasing our SIM Cards before leaving also provides you with the most value for your money, as you will be able to use the card immediately after you land.

SIMCorner Offers Best Coverage and Value for New Zealand SIM Cards

Travellers to New Zealand will find our NZ SIM cards provide the best coverage and value available. We have many different options we can offer to travellers with our New Zealand SIM cards. Data and mobile phone coverage is available throughout all of New Zealand with our NZ SIM card. Using our SIM cards is simple and affordable for all travellers, and with our travel SIM card, New Zealand vacations will be relaxing and easy, ensuring that you will be reachable throughout your trip.

There are many benefits to having a SIMCorner international travel SIM card while travelling in other countries as well. Travel in Europe with our Europe SIM card gives you one contact number for your family and friends to reach you with, at any time, no matter which country you are in at the time. Travel in the United States of America with our USA SIM card provides you with a fantastic deal on unlimited talk, text and 4G data both with in the USA and to Australia and other countries during your trip.

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