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Travel Journals from SimCorner: Document your travels

Here at SimCorner, we are well known for our sim cards and other travel accessories to make your next trip easier. But we also offer leather travel journals (or travel diary) to help you document your travels. Keeping a travel journal is as old as writing, and there are many famous examples from history.

Marco Polo’s journal of his adventures along the silk road and into the country of China and Asia gave Europe one of its first glimpses of the East and opened trade routes to East India and China. Or Ibn Baṭṭūṭah who was a Moroccan muslim traveller that wrote one of the world's most famous travel logs, the Riḥlah. This great work describes the people, places, and cultures he encountered in his 30 year journey along some 120,000 km across and beyond. His account of travels through India, Anatolia (now referred to as Turkey), East & West Africa, and the Maldives form a major source for the histories of those areas, providing valuable wealth of detail on various aspects of social and cultural life in that part of the world. 

There is something about documenting your travels that just makes the experience more real. It can also be a great way to reflect on your journey and the daily experiences you had. Not to mention, it can be really interesting to look back to the travel journal years later.

Join that tradition of great explorers and travellers by documenting your own travels in a beautiful leather travel journal from SimCorner and start exploring. Who knows, your travel journal might one day be published and sold across the world.

What is a travel journal and why should I keep one?

A travel journal is a diary where you document your travels and the experiences you have during your journeys. The practice of keeping a travel journal is as old as writing itself, and there are many famous examples of travel journals throughout history. Travel journals can be a great way to keep track of your adventures and reflect on the progression of your journey. Whether it be physical, literal or spiritual.

Why should I use a travel journal?

Travel journals have traditionally been used by explorers and travellers, but there is no rule that says you cannot use a travel journal to document your daily commute or weekend adventure. It's up to you! Many people use it to create their own bucket list, plan out their daily trips, write down ideas which inspire them. Or use them as activity pages where they can stick in their photographs or a photo of memories.

How do I start keeping a travel journal?

There is no wrong or right way to start keeping a travel journal – it's all about what works for you. However, we recommend that you start by documenting your journey from the beginning

What should I document in my travel journal?

Documenting your travels can be done in many different ways, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Your route and the places you visit

-The people you meet and the culture you experience

-The things you see and do

-The food you eat and drinks

-The emotions and thoughts you experience during your travels

-Any interesting facts or trivia you learn about the places you visit

-Your travel experiences – both good and bad! 

Benefits of a Journal from SimCorner

If you’re keeping journals or notebooks of your exciting trips, you want one that can withstand the wear and tear of that journey. A travel journal with a paper or plastic cover could quickly become battered and torn, which is why our travel journals come with leather covers as well as the following:

  • You can select from several different colourful leather journals including space bluemint green, blush pink and tuscan yellow, imperial red, midnight black. A journal is a personal item, and we understand your desire for assorted colour preferences with them.
  • Just as some people might want a different colour, we know some people like to write or draw outside the lines. Because of this, we offer each client a travel notebook with both lined and unlined pages.
  • The customisation options for your leather notebook does not stop there. The leather comes in chequered, saffiano, or pebbled patterns with gilt edges for that classic look.

At SimCorner, we understand the importance of documenting your travels. There are certainly other handmade marketplaces like Etsy and others, but they can't compare in terms of quality and assurance of a well-made product. If you are looking for a beautiful, durable travel journal that will last long after your trip is over, look no further. We offer leather travel journals with a range of customisation options to make it perfect for your needs. With a variety of colors, blank or lined pages, and more, there's nothing holding you back. Order your leather travel journal now and start documenting your amazing travels into the future!


A travel journal is a diary where you document your travels and the experiences you have during your journeys.

To document your travels and the experiences you have had during your journeys. This can be really interesting to look back on in years to come.