Register your Travel date/Activation date

(Please ensure you register your Travel date/Activation date when you receive your sim card/s or a few days prior to your actual travel date)

**Please Note: If you have purchased a 100GB Europe & UK Sim or individual Europe country 100GB travel sim, the serial number is located on the little slip of cardboard that comes with the SIM card starting with 07xxxxxxxxx**

For T-Mobile / AT&T / O2 / THREE / Verizon / Movistar Products

Your sim will be activated on your nominated dates which is when your days of service will begin. The activation date is based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and will occur between 12-3am.  You will receive an e-mail confirming your details after you have submitted the form (please check spam/junk if not in your inbox). Please ensure the details are correct in the e-mail and keep it for your reference.

If you haven't provided 24 hours notice for activation and need your sim activated urgently or have any other queries, please contact us at

If you have made an error with the details provided such as the activation date, please e-mail our support team at: along with the sim details and the correct details.

If your travel plans change and you need to update your activation date or put a hold on the activation, please e-mail our support team at least 3 days prior to your initial activation date.

We recommend that you take the opportunity to read the instruction sheet provide with the sim card prior to use in order to avoid running into any issues