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Egypt eSIMs Options

Prepaid eSIM For Egypt Travel

An eSIM (embedded SIM) makes it easier than ever to stay in touch while travelling through Egypt. Enjoy exploring ancient landmarks and the bustling cities of this fantastic country while staying connected with friends and family. 

SimCorner’s eSIM for Egypt works like any other SIM card but with the advantage of being embedded in your device (smartphone or tablet). Travel the length and breadth of the country without worrying about losing coverage. 

Find great coverage with eSIM plans for Egypt

eSIMs are ready to use as soon as they are activated. You can use an eSIM the same way you would a regular SIM card - for calls, messages and data while travelling. All you need to do is ensure your device - a smartphone or tablet - is eSIM enabled, which most modern models are.

 SimCorner has a range of plans suitable for Egypt - it all depends on your particular travel plans. You’ll find data-only plans or more comprehensive plans that cover calls, messages and data.

SimCorner provides a range of eSIM and SIM plans for your travels through Egypt. Browse the full selection of plans online at SimCorner today, and find the best plan for you!


FAQs for Egypt eSIMs

When does my data plan start?

As soon as you’ve activated your SimCorner Egypt eSIM, you’ll be able to start using it. 

Can I renew or extend the data on my eSIM?

You cannot renew or extend data on your Egypt eSIM. If you would like to increase the data on your eSIM or extend it once it has expired, you will need to purchase a second eSIM and data plan. 

Can I make phone calls and send messages with my Egypt eSIM?

If you’ve purchased a data-only eSIM plan for Egypt, you will not be able to make phone calls or send messages. Check the full range of eSIM plans for Egypt to find one with included calls and messages or find the right option for you. 

Can I share data with other devices?

Yes, you can. If you have purchased an Egypt eSIM data plan, you can use the hotspot or tethering feature to share data with other devices. 

Which devices work with the eSIM card?

eSIM-enabled devices work with an eSIM card. These devices include recent models from Samsung and Google Pixel, as well as the latest iPhones. 

How do I set up the eSIM on my device?

It is very easy to set up your eSIM for Egypt. Once you’ve purchased your eSIM, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will provide you with all the necessary instructions for set up. 

Will I need to replace my WhatsApp number?

No, you won’t need to. You will just need to register the eSIM with your existing number, and all of your data and conversations will remain. 

How can I check my data balance?

You can check your eSIM data balance online or by dialling *11*6# and then pressing Call. These are the quickest and easiest methods of checking your balance. 

Do I have to activate data roaming on my device?

If you want your eSIM for Egypt to get the best coverage, you need to activate data roaming on your device before you use it. 

What eSIM data plan should I choose for Egypt?

There is a small selection of SimCorner eSIM data plans available for Egypt - take a look online today to find the data plan that fits best with your travel itinerary and data needs. 

Which eSIM carrier will I connect to in Egypt?

Your eSIM for Egypt will connect to the best local carriers, including Vodafone, Orange or Etisalat.