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6 Amazing Things We Learned on Our American Road Trip

Thinking about travelling to the USA? How about the adventure of a LIFETIME: road tripping across the Americas! We chatted to couple (and avid SimCorner fans) Wendy and Adam about their recent USA ...

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7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Travelling in Europe

Pasta, the Louvre, picturesque canals….have your heart set on Europe for your first post-COVID travels? Here are some nuggets of wisdom that make it all the more interesting. 🚶 Many of the older...

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New Zealand Is Opening: Where You Should Go To First

Kia ora! The rumours have finally been confirmed — New Zealand is opening its borders. So the big question is: where should you travel first? We’ve narrowed it down to some wonderful spots with so...

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12 Things I Wish I Knew Before My 1st Post-COVID Trip Abroad

The time has finally come.  The calendar’s been blocked out 📅.  Tickets have been bought 🎫.  It’s your very first international flight✈️ since before Covid (wow…can you even remember what travellin...

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The Ultimate Checklist for Stress-Free Travel in 2022

“Flying overseas? Where do we even start to plan?”  Well, first of all - trying to get organized before traveling abroad comes with last-minute concerns even during pre-pandemic times! As ...

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TikTok Is The New Way To Plan Your Trip

Hear us out - TikTok might just be your new favourite way to plan trips. Better known for its one-minute videos featuring trending dances, funny pet tricks and the meme-ification of daily life, th...

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eSIM is Transforming the Telecom Industry, but what is it?

What is an eSIM? What is a SIM card? A SIM is short for "subscriber identity module", it is required in all GSM, LTE, and 5G devices. The SIM contains the details of the customer and how the device...

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Best Value Prepaid USA SIM Cards for Travelling in America

Best AT&T and T-Mobile Prepaid USA SIM Cards for Travelling in America in 2022 Ready for your next working holiday or family trip to the USA? Can’t contain your excitement? Getting prepped-up b...

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Comparing Phone Carriers in the USA

We Compare Phone Carriers in the USA So You Don’t Have To So, you’re planning a trip to The States? You’ve got your flights booked, your accommodation sorted, and your ESTA forms filled out. Now it...

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The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelling in Europe

3 Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelling in Europe at SimCorner  Organising prepaid travel cards for your devices before you go travelling can save you a whole lot of time and money while ...

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The best hiking spots in the US

The United States are known for their outstanding natural parks, and whilst they are mostly accessible by car, they also provide wonderful opportunities to get out amongst the scenery for a hike. F...

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India Travel Sim Card

Stay Connected During Your Trip to India with a Travel SIM Card with Data at SimCorner Of all the destinations on Earth, few offer the same incredible array of different experiences as India does. ...

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